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Terms of Use

Be sure to read the following terms of use before downloading the data.

The CAD data provided by Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. ("Sanken") ("this CAD data" hereafter) may only be used under the terms described below. Note that this CAD data is not intended for use by individual customers ("users" hereafter). Individual users are therefore requested to refrain from using this CAD data.

Clicking the Accept (download) button indicates that you have read and accepted the terms of use.
Clicking the Accept (download) button will take you to a screen showing a list of data for downloading.

1. Sanken’s Rights

  1. Sanken owns all rights to this CAD data as protected by laws and regulations related to copyrights and other intellectual property rights both within and outside of Japan.
  2. Sanken may modify, correct or revise the contents of this CAD data without providing prior notification to users at any time and for any reason. The rights specified in section A also apply to this CAD data after modification, etc.

2. Scope of Use

  1. Sanken grants users a non-exclusive license to use this CAD data under the conditions described in these terms of use.
  2. Users agree to use this CAD data only to efficiently design or carry out design reviews of commercial products that incorporate Sanken products.
  3. Users agree to delete this CAD data in its entirety after use for the purpose described in section B.

3. Prohibition of Copying and Distribution

Users agree not to reproduce this CAD data (including CAD data that has been partly modified) or distribute it to a third party, except within the scope of use described in article 2.

4. Warranties and Disclaimer

  1. A. While Sanken makes every effort to ensure that the contents of its website are accurate and up to date, Sanken disclaims all warranties, guarantees or representations of any kind, whether express or implied, with regard to the accuracy, availability or reliability of this CAD data, and makes no claims whatsoever concerning absence of defects and non-infringement of third-party rights. This disclaimer also applies to the specifications of all products developed, manufactured and/or sold by Sanken.
  2. B. Sanken shall not be liable for any defects in this CAD data, regardless of their cause, loss of or defects in other data or products of users caused, directly or indirectly, by the utilization of this CAD data, or damages (including lost earnings) incurred by infringement of third party rights or these factors.
  3. Users must, without exception, bear responsibility for design drawings (including CG images) created by using this CAD data.

5. Modification, Deletion, and Omission

  1. Note that the provision of this CAD data and these terms of use may be canceled, suspended, modified, or deleted without prior notice.
  2. Geometric details, labels, indications and other information in this CAD data have been partially simplified or omitted to reduce the amount of information.

6. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

In the case of a dispute between Sanken and users concerning these terms of use, the Tokyo District Court shall exclusively be the court of first instance.

  • * Dimensions obtained from the design drawings in this CAD data are not guaranteed to match those of the actual product. Contact your local Sanken agent or sales office to confirm the latest information before using this CAD data.
  • * A list of available data formats is listed below. Be sure to specify the correct file extension when downloading data.

    2D-CAD data ---> DXF format
    3D-CAD data ---> IGES format
    3D-CAD data ---> STEP format

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