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C Series

C-Series: Low-Noise Switch Mode Power Supplies With
User-Configurable Multiple Outputs

The C-series power supplies save design and production time and cost by allowing end-of-line selection of multiple output voltages to match alternative application circuit requirements, while using the same power supply base unit. DC voltage output modules are slot-mounted inside the base units to provide various combinations of single, dual, or parallel output voltages.


    • You can configure the power supply according to your desired output specifications and power requirements.(Click here for details.)
    • Universal input supported
    • Three types of power supply systems: 300 W/450 W/650 W
    • A wide range of DC cell modules with various output specifications can be selected.
    • Quick delivery possible because the switching power supplies and DC cell modules are stocked separately.
    • Compliance with safety standards: medical standards UL60601-1 and EN60601-1 3rd and information standards UL60950-1, CSA950-1, and EN60950-1
    • Can be used in a variety of fields such as FA control equipment, industrial equipment, and medical diagnostic equipment
    • Initial costs such as safety standard certification not required
    • Wide range of power management with optional features (Click here for details.)
    • Free warranty period: 3 years

Optimum Applications

    • General industrial and commercial equipment
    • Medical and information equipment (approved to UL60950-1, C-UL, EN60950 and EN60601-1 3rd )

Model Names

Main units

Model name Legend C***

Series Output power(***)
C Indicates the total rated output power for 200-V system input (200 to 240 VAC).
Example: 650 W

DC cell modules

Model name Legend C***△○○

Series Output power(***) Indicates the output model(△) Output voltage(○○)
C 050:50W
S: Single output
X: Supports parallel operation

Quick Reference

Main units

Series C
Model C300 C450 C650
Rated input voltage 85VAC to 264VAC
Output power 250 W/300 W 400 W/450 W 600 W/650 W
Output voltage Multi-output configuration is possible by combining the DC cell modules appropriately.
W 103 127 127
D 254 254 279
H 63.5 63.5 63.5
Number of slots 4 5 5
One insulating slot included.
Optional features
External view
Technical data
Operation manual
Promotion sheet

DC cell modules

150 W single output

Model C150S03 C150S05 C150S12 C150S15 C150S24
Rated output voltage +3.3 V +5 V +12 V +15 V +24 V
Rated output current 26 A 26 A 13 A 10 A 6.5 A
Rated output power 85.8 W 130 W 156 W 150 W 156 W
Efficiency 86% (typ.) 88% (typ.) 92% (typ.) 95% (typ.) 95% (typ.)
Output ripple noise 180 mVp-p 180 mVp-p 200 mVp-p 200 mVp-p 180 mVp-p
Constant voltage accuracy ±3% ±5%
Technical data

50 W single output

Model C050S03 C050S05 C050S12 C050S15 C050S24
Rated output voltage +3.3 V +5 V +12 V +15 V +24 V
Rated output current 10 A 10 A 5 A 4 A 2.5 A
Rated output power 33 W 50 W 60 W 60 W 60 W
Efficiency 86% (typ.) 88% (typ.) 92% (typ.) 95% (typ.) 95% (typ.)
Output ripple noise 180 mVp-p 180 mVp-p 200 mVp-p 200 mVp-p 180 mVp-p
Constant voltage accuracy ±3% ±5%
Technical data

130 W parallel operation output

Model C130X24 C130X36
Rated output voltage +24 V +36 V
Rated output current 5.5 A 3.6 A
Rated output power 130 W 130 W
Efficiency 95% (typ.) 94% (typ.)
Output ripple noise 250 mVp-p 400 mVp-p
Constant voltage accuracy ±5% ±5%
Technical data -


  1. Observe the following points.

    ※ Read the Operation Manual and Detailed Specifications before use.

    ※ Observe the use conditions, environment, and cautions described in the documents.

Alarm signals

PR signal

This is an alarm signal provided for the main unit. When the input voltage to the main unit falls or the fan stops, the PR terminal becomes open.

LV signal

This is an alarm signal provided for the DC cell module. When the DC cell module output falls or stops, the LV alarm terminal becomes open.

Alarm Conditions
PR Good Low (0.8 V or less, 8 mA or less)
Bad Open (35 Vmax)
LV Good Low (0.8 V or less, 20 mA or less)
Bad Open (35 Vmax)

Variable output voltage range, remote sensing, and remote ON/OFF control

Variable output voltage range

Each DC cell module has an output voltage adjustment volume knob. When the volume knob is turned clockwise, the output voltage rises. When changing the output voltage, do not exceed the rated output power, regardless of the rated output current. The output voltage variable range depends on the DC cell module. Check the specifications of the DC cell module before changing the output voltage.

Remote sensing

Some DC cell modules support a remote sensing feature. This feature compensates for a voltage drop caused by the output wiring. The compensation voltage value depends on the DC cell module. Determine the compensation voltage from the following table. Before using the remote sensing feature, perform sufficient evaluation and adjustment by referring to the connection example shown below.

Table 2 Remote sensing compensation voltage

Model Voltage
C150S03, C150S05, C150S12, C150S15 0.15 V or less
C150S24 0.30 V or less

※ Products not listed above do not support the remote sensing feature.

Note the following points when using the remote sensing feature.

  • If a contact failure (such as loose screw) occurs in the load line, the load current flows into the remote sensing line, causing heat to be generated. This may damage the power supply. Pay careful attention to the connections.
  • For the wiring between the power supply and the load, use a sufficiently thick wire for the output current and set the line drop to a value that is equal to or less than the specific compensation voltage.
  • An oscillation waveform may occur in the power supply output voltage or the output voltage variation may become large due to the wiring or load impedance. Be sure to perform sufficient evaluation before use.

Figure 1 Example of remote sensing connection

Remote ON/OFF control

The DC cell module has a remote ON/OFF control feature. This feature can turn on and off the output voltage of any DC cell module according to the signal input to the corresponding remote ON/OFF terminal.

Output of the corresponding DC cell module is stopped when a voltage of 10 to 27 V is applied to the remote ON/OFF terminal. Inputting a voltage outside the specifications will cause a malfunction or damage to the power supply. Be sure to use a voltage that falls within the specifications. Note that the built-in fan of the main unit does not stop even when the output of the DC cell module is stopped by using this feature.
The remote ON/OFF control feature is independent for each DC cell module. It cannot be used to stop the output of all cell modules at once. To stop all the GND common slots at once, connect the ON/OFF circuits in parallel.
* It is not possible to stop both the GND common slots and insulating slot at the same time.

The remote ON/OFF auxiliary power supply can be used from AUX (CN1).
Use this for remote ON/OFF circuit operation.
* C650 has AUX1 and AUX2. Use AUX1 for the ON/OFF circuit of the DC cell module connected to the GND common slots (slots 1 to 4). Use AUX2 for the ON/OFF circuit of the DC cell module connected to the insulation slot (slot 5). Note that using these in different combinations other than those above will lead to a power supply malfunction or damage.

Table 3 Remote ON/OFF control specifications

Remote ON/OFF
input signal
DC cell module
output status
Open or low
(0 to 0.5 V)
Output ON
High (10 to 27 V) Output OFF

a) Example of using a switch

b) Example of using a transistor

Figure 2 Connection example for remote ON/OFF control


You can configure the power supply according to your desired output specifications and power requirements. Purchase the C series main unit and DC cell modules shown below as required, and use them as a set.

  • ・C series main unit: C300, C450, C650
    These are AC/DC converters used to supply power to the downstream output.
    Select an appropriate unit according to the total power requirement and the number of output slots.
  • ・DC cell module (output module): C050***, C075***, C130***, C150***
    These are DC/DC converters to be connected to the C series main unit. Select a module that has the desired output specifications and connect it to the main unit. The DC cell module can be replaced later according to the application.

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