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General-purpose switching power supplies

Output power
Output voltage

SWF-Series: High Peak Load Switch Mode Power Supplies With Current Resonant Switching

The SWF series are compact, wide ranging power supplies, providing peak power capability that supports twice the rated output, making them ideal for motorized applications. They offer low noise and high efficiency by current resonant circuitry.
Single output
Single PCB type (with optional chassis cover)


    • Universal line input (85 to 264 VAC continuous)
    • Supports a peak output current 2 times higher than the rated output current
    • Compliance with safety standards: UL60950-1, C-UL (CSA60950-1), and SEMKO (EN60950-1)
    • Realizes high-efficiency and low-noise characteristics thanks to the use of a unique Sanken resonant switching mode
    • CE marking obtained for the low voltage directive (LVD)
    • Free warranty period: 5 years

Optimum Applications

    • Mechatronics products that use motors and solenoids
    • Equipment that uses thermal heads
      Examples: Ticket dispensers, card readers, POS terminals, ATMs, change machines, bill and coin counters, scales, printers, printing presses, and other industrial equipment

Model Names

Model name Legend SWF***-○○-△-△

Series Output power(***) Output voltage(○○) Option1(△) Option2(△) Option3(△)
SWF 050P:50W
-LC: Chassis and cover
-R:Remote ON / OFF
-T:Terminal block (SWF 240P only)

For details about the options, see page 17 in the Operation Manual.

* Remote ON/OFF control, chassis, cover, and terminal block (240W model only)

Quick Reference

Series SWF
Model 050P 100P 150P 240P 240P
(With the terminal stand)
Input voltage 85 to 264 VAC
Output power 50 W 100 W 150 W 240 W 240 W
Output voltage 24 V
36 V -
48 V -
W 132 155 160 180 180
D 50 62 75 84 84
H 28.5 33.5 37 42 42
External view
Technical data
Promotion sheet
Operation manual

* See the external view for the size with the cover.


  1. Observe the following points.

    ※ Read the Operation Manual and Detailed Specifications before use.

    ※ Observe the use conditions, environment, and cautions described in the documents.

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