Small General-Purpose AC Adapter "SEG Series"

Launched 60W-class small AC adapters, which achieved the industry's highest level of low-standby power and high efficiency. The SEG series will be the successor to the SED series.
Please refer to this section for details.

■ 60W Class Small Size (114.5mm×50.5mm×28mm)
■ Industry-leading low-standby electric power and high efficiency
■ Respond to new energy regulations in each country (average efficiency of 89% or more)
■ As for safety standards, UL (c-UL) 62368-1 and Denki Sanko (ministerial ordinance, Section 2) have been obtained.
■ Worldwide Continuous-entry method (AC100-240V)
■ Extensive environmental temperature assurance (0-60°C)